What can I use this call for?

It returns the schema for a specific app. You get to know all of the app-fields in the app which is handy to know on what you can filter.

The goal is to only use this API call during development as a reference tool. You best hardcode the schema info in your app and do NOT load this api call on every user request as the information is very static.


[GET] apps/{{APP ID}}_{{APP TOKEN}}


 { "podio_id":1, "label":"Activity", "external_id":"codename", "data_type":"text", ...},
 { "podio_id":2, "label":"Category", "external_id":"category", "data_type":"app", ...}
 { "podio_id":3, "label":"Start", "external_id":"start-date", "data_type":"date", ...}

With this response you can start building your API calls to filter items.

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